YourGreenScene Grenade Style Faberge Perc Rig

Zero splashback. That's one of the benefits of a faberge egg style rig. The showerhead perc and faberge style provide for excellent filtration and it's bent neck design ensures that water stays out of your mouth no matter how hard you rip. At 10" high with a 14mm male joint, all standing on a 3" base, this durable, scientific glass piece is built to last. Available with either black or white accents, this is an elegant piece to smoke or dab from!
  • 10" height
  • Made in America of heavy duty Scientific Glass
  • Available with white or black accents
  • 14mm male jointed
  • 3" base
  • Includes glass nail and dome
  • Add a pinched glass bowl to use as a waterpipe for dry herbs


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