YourGreenScene Upline Steamroller by Grav Labs

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Measuring 6" in length, the YourGreenScene Clear Glass Upline Steamroller by Grav Labs is from the trusted brand's Upline series of heavy duty, clear glass with a triple spine inside that filters the smoke before it hits you! It has a pinched tip which acts as an ash catcher, keeping your mouth free of debris. The two "feet", small beads which keep the steamroller steady and from rolling off of the table. This is a very high quality, durable product. It comes in random colors, all of which are dope.
  • 6" length
  • Triple spine acts as a perc, filtering smoke before you inhale it
  • Pinched tip acts as ash catcher keeping your mouth clean
  • Made in America by Grav Labs
  • "Feet" keep device in place and from rolling off tables
  • Made of heavy duty, Scientific Glass

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