YourGreenScene TwinCycler Dual Chamber Inline Perc Recycler

This beast of a water pipe has twin recycler chambers giving you a huge and hard hit!
Not for amateur smokers, the inline perc diffuses the smoke before it goes through the remaining two chambers and into your lungs. The inline perc causes bubbles and extra water to splash up. This water is caught in the twin recyclers where it goes back into the main chamber.
This heavy duty, borosilicate glass device is not for the weak! For use with both concentrates or dry herbs, the YourGreenScene TwinCycler Dual Chamber Inline Perc Recycler will be a top performer in your smoker's collection.
  • 14mm 45 degree male jointed
  • 3mm thick borosilicate glass
  • Multiple colors available
  • Made in America
  • For use with dry herbs and concentrates
  • inline perc
  • 8.5" height
  • Built in dish

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