YourGreenScene Lucky 13 Tree Perc Bong

With 26 total arms inside this bong, the smoke you inhale is cleaner, healthier and better flavored than any other device you will smoke from. The YourGreenScene Lucky 13 Tree Perc Bong has two 13 arm tree percs that equal 26 total arms for amazing diffusion!
The device has a 90 degree, 14mm female joint. It can be used for either concentrates or dry herbs depending on weather you use a bowl or a nail. This dual-chambered bong has one perc in each chamber. It has a bent neck design which acts as a splashguard and a flared, black glass mouthpiece which allows you a bigger hit.
The device stands 10.5" high and is made of thick, heavy duty Scientific Glass. The clear glass displays all the action inside and the base and mouthpiece have beautiful black accents. This is a very well-priced, high quality and beautiful device that is sure to be a part of your cypher for a long time!

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