YourGreenScene Healthy Diet Avocado Bong by Empire Glass

This highly detailed, collector's edition bong is perfect for anyone who loves avocados! Even if you're not a fan of the fruit, there's no denying the beauty and functionality of this piece.
The YourGreenScene Healthy Diet Avocado Bong stands 6" tall with a 90 degree, 14mm female joint. Made in America from thick, heavy duty glass, this bong has three highly detailed avocados on and in it. The first is the bowl. With your herbs placed in the open pit of the avocado, fire it up and then check the second avocado out! The second is inside the bong attached to the fixed downstem. The fixed diffused downstem perc filters the smoke through the next avocado which is the neck and mouthpiece of the bong.
This highly detailed device will blow you away! Featuring big hits that will leave you floating to space, pick one up today!
  • 6" height
  • 90 degree 14mm female jointed
  • Heady, themed design
  • Made in America by Empire Glass
  • Detailed avocado design
  • Thick, heavy duty glass
  • For use with dry herbs

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