YourGreenScene Clear Glass 12" Rubber Grommet Bong


When you're looking for the basics, but you don't want to sacrifice the quality, look no further. The YourGreenScene Clear Glass 12" Rubber Grommet Bong is a functional piece of glass that will give you the clean water-infused hit that you crave, pull after pull. Like most of the glass pipes in our collection, this water bong is composed of thick high-quality glass.


The 14mm female joint angle is 45 degrees, and the bong stands an impressive 12 inches high and sits on a solid base.


Additional Specifications:

  • -Material: Glass
  • -Glass Quality: Thick
  • -Perc: Fixed Downstem
  • -No of Percs: 1
  • -Mouthpiece: Flared
  • -Joint Size: Rubber Grommet Slide (included)
  • -Joint Gender: Female
  • -Joint Angle: 45 Degrees
  • -Height: 12 inches
  • -Color: Clear


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