YourGreenScene 90 Degree Inset Honeycomb Perc Ashcatcher

The YourGreenScene 90 Degree Inset Honeycomb Perc Ashcatcher is a highly durable, well constructed device that attaches to your existing bong or rig and helps filter the smoke and trap ash and debris that would normally clog and dirty your device. Made in America of high quality Scientific Glass, this device is available in both 14 and 18mm joints. With it's inset honeycomb perc, your smoke is filtered resulting in a more flavorful and smooth hit. Enjoy not only the full, clean hits from this device, but it's attachment to your existing water pipe will give it a futuristic, extremely cool look!
  • Available in 14 and 18mm male joint
  • Inset honeycomb perc for extra diffusion
  • 4.5" height
  • Provides a healthier inhale and keeps your water pipe clean


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