#ThisThingRips OG 4.20 w/ Dual Quartz


The #ThisThingRips! OG 4.20 Vaporizer is a sleek, metal vape pen for your concentrate vaping pleasure! This device delivers a fast and smooth hit which features the full flavor profile of your best concentrates. The powerful 650 mAh battery gives you up to 12 hours of vaping and a variable temperature adjustment. It features a smart chip battery for 2x the charge and longer more powerful rips. The Lava Quartz dual coil technology provides maximum efficiency without sacrificing flavor. The devices come with a high-quality silicone base for upright storage.

Included in the box:

  • Lava-Quartz Dual Ti Coil Atomizers
  • Pre-Charged Set It and Forget Smart Battery
  • USB hyper charging Cable
  • Stainless Steel Tool
  • NEW Forged VaporBlast Mouthpiece
  • NEW Basestation Silicone Storage Tray
  • Classic Chamber / Mouthpiece

Plus, a Printed Instruction Manual!


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