YourGreenScene Kabutowari Skinny Neck Dab Rig with UFO Perc

In ancient Japan, the Kabutowari was a sharp sword, carried as a sidearm by Japanese officers. Literally translated as "helmet splitter" the YourGreenScene Kabutowari skinny Neck Dab Rig with UFO Perc will split your wig with huge rips and flavorful vapor!
Standing 9.5" tall with a base diameter of 3.75" this piece, which is made of high quality, borosilicate glass, is going to last for years to come. It has a 14mm male joint and comes with a complimentary 14mm female dome and nail. The UFO perc placed in the chamber diffuses your smoke giving you a much cleaner and flavorful hit.
The Kabutowari is a collector's edition-quality dab rig. The heavy duty glass and red or black accents along with the Ronin Glass decals make this a piece to be proud of! Pick one up today!
  • 9" height 3.75" base
  • Made in America by Ronin Glass
  • Thick, heavy duty borosilicate glass
  • UFO perc
  • 14mm male jointed
  • Double chamber
  • Complimentary 14mm female dome and nail included


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