YourGreenScene "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong

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The YourGreenScene "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong is the ultimate smoking accessory.  This bong is composed of high quality scientific glass like all of the pipes in the Ronin Glass collection, but this particular pipe has three different sections to deliver the ultimate hit. 


The bong is an impressive 17.5 inches high and features a solid flared base for support.  The angled neck and flared mouthpiece make your smoking experience efficient and convenient.  The experts at Ronin Glass have truly thought of all the details!


The YourGreenScene "Daito" Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong is compose of three separate sections that assemble and disassemble for maximum portability.  Two UFO percs guaruntee maximum smoke filtration and water infusion with every pull.  

Additional Features: 


  • 17.5" height and 3.5" diameter base
  • Made in America by Ronin Glass
  • 18mm male jointed
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • 90 degree joint
  • Made of thick, borosilicate glass
  • UFO perc


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