Bubblers are a great example of how glass bongs, glass pipes, and smoking accessories have evolved over time to make the smoking process more enjoyable and efficient.  Bubblers are smaller than traditional water bongs, so they are a convenient way to enjoy that cooled, water-infused pull while also enjoying the convenience and portability of a smaller glass pipe.  
Smoke from dry herbs is introduced to more of the water's surface area through the percolator located within the bubbler--giving you the water bong hit you seek.  Having a clear understanding of the products sold on YourGreenScene.com is important before making your investment.
If you're buying a decorative piece, make sure you are prepared to clean it thoroughly!  Many art pieces age well with smoke but will lose functionality if not cleaned properly and regularly.  You may want to go for a more functional glass piece optimized for the smoking experience if you intend to use your bubbler often.
Browse our "Bubblers" collection and find the bubbler of your dreams at the best smoke shop in NJ--YourGreenScene.com! One Love.
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YourGreenScene Elephant Head Bubbler Sold out

YourGreenScene Elephant Head Bubbler


Designed in New Jersey with great detail, the YourGreenScene Elephant Head Bubbler is a very functional work of art. Standing 7" tall and 2" wide ...

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