YourGreenScene Rocktapuss Dab Rig

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The YourGreenScene Rocktapuss Dab Rig is a 15" tall, 18mm male jointed dab rig that not only pleases the lungs, it pleases the eyes! It is a multi-chambered device, with a rocketship perc, whose slitted design filters your vapor, before it travels through eight black glass separation tubes. The cool, glass tubes give this piece it's signature look, while leading the vapor to the top chamber. Up top features a cross perc for extra diffusion and a flared mouthpiece for a tight seal and a big rip!
  • 15" height
  • 90 degree, 18mm male jointed
  • Includes glass dome and nail
  • Dual chambers, dual perc, dual diffusion. 1 rocketship, 1 cross perc
  • 4.5" diameter sturdy base
  • Chandelier design
  • Made in America of high quality Scientific Glass
  • Eight tubes made of black glass give it an "octo" look

A recycler is a waterpipe that can be used or both dry herb or concentrates however, they have exploded in popularity among dabbers. As you inhale from your recycler, the smoke is filtered through two chambers. Water is constantly percolating and the smoke is constantly moving throughout the device creating a visually stunning whirlpool effect, also giving you a flavorful and deep yet smooth hit.

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