YourGreenScene Honeypot Recycler Water Pipe Killa Bee Edition

Standing 10.5" tall with a 4" wide base, the YourGreenScene Honeypot Recycler Water Pipe Killa Bee Edition by Empire Glassworks is a collector's edition-class device.
This recycler water pipe has an ergonomic design and is ultra portable making it perfect for any sesh. It is a piece of art, detailed in design, yet functional, smooth hitting and easy to clean.
Dual chambers recycle your smoke through the honeycomb perc, then into the bent neck, through the flared mouthpiece and into your lungs! She sports a 14mm female joint that works lovely with the YourGreenScene Honeypot Replacement Bowl Kila Bee Edition. Throughout the chamber you find a beautiful and detailed worked glass design of dripping honey and the killa beez on a swarm. Beez and honey adorn the outside as well, turning this clear glass recycler water pipe into a functional, fun and ironic work of art!
  • 10.5" height
  • 4" base
  • 14mm female jointed
  • Bent neck
  • Flared mouthpieceåÊ
  • Themed, heady design
  • Made in America by Empire Glassworks
  • Honeycomb perc
  • For use with dry herbs or concentrates

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