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They are beautiful, delightfully textured, full of energy, and natural; it’s no wonder that natural stone pipes are popular amongst the smoking community. Smokers are sensitive to “vibes” (short for vibrations). Vibrations are nothing more than units of energy that we cannot see but can sense otherwise. Before investing in one of our natural stone pipes, here is a brief guide to the history, properties, and energies associated with just a few of the stone pipes we offer.

Natural stone pipes are as unique as the snowflakes in the sky, in that, no two pipes are exactly the same; however, natural stone pipes are most commonly classified by the type of stone that they are forged from.

Virtually all stone pipes are made from some form of natural quartz. Let’s take a closer look at some of the stone pipes that are available right here on YourGreenScene, so you can decide which pipes best match your needs, aesthetic, and the energy you seek.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Pipe 

By far, the most common type of stone pipe is the clear quartz variety. Here’s why. Clear quartz is abundant and can be found on every continent on the planet. 

The unique cellular structure of clear quartz also makes this mineral strong, durable, and beautiful. "Quartz" is the Greek word for “ice”. The ancient Greeks once believed that clear quartz was so cold that it remained in a permanently frozen state. In ancient Japanese culture, the clear quartz stone was known for space, virtue, and patience. Indigenous Americans revered the stone so much, that they routinely made offerings of food and goods to celebrate the stone’s divinity.

Today, clear quartz has a wide variety of practical uses. With a hardness score of 7 out of 10, the durability of quartz makes it ideal for a wide variety of uses other than stone pipes. Clear quartz can be found in circuitry, cell phones, LCD screens and many other places within our modern day tech.

Although we no longer worship clear quartz and find more practical ways to use the stone, doesn’t mean the ancients had it completely wrong. Quartz, being primarily composed of silicon dioxide, is similar to our own biochemical makeup as human beings. These similarities lead many to believe that we can physically benefit from wearing clear quartz close to our bodies and share its amazing energy. If you seek, clarity, vision, psychic energy, physical healing, and direction, then you may want to consider a clear quartz pipe. 1,2,3



Many people who have come in contact with a natural amethyst stone pipe have reported feeling the energy surge through their bodies, homes, and lives immediately. 
YourGreenScene Amethyst Quartz Stone Pipe

Amethyst promotes peace and calm, as the points on the stone focus the stone's energy in a specific direction. It is widely believed that the more “points” an amethyst stone has, the more directions the energy travels. Not only is the amethyst stone pipe known for promoting calm, these stone pipes are also known for absorbing negative energy and nurturing your intuition over time. Smoking your precious herbs from this sacred mineral will help deepen your overall smoking experience.

Amethyst’s brilliant and rugged texture and deep purple color make this quartz derivative a very popular stone pipe to own. Historically, amethyst was worn as a luxury by kings, popes, and ancient Europeans before them. The stone was less revered for it’s healing properties and was mainly seen as a status symbol and worn as decorative jewelry.   However, as time passed, the amethyst stone was quickly attributed to feelings of calm, psychic energy, and even lucid dreaming.

The beauty of amethyst stone pipes is completely unmatched and will provide an energetic and cleansing smoking experience. Get the great vibes flowing through your sacred space today. 1,2,3


Rose Quartz

YourGreenScene Rose Quartz Stone Pipe
Rose quartz, commonly referred to as “the love stone”, is an abundant mineral found primarily in Madagascar, Brazil, India, and South Africa. The beautiful pink hue associated with rose quartz pipes is a result of irradiation and tiny pink fibers called “dididumortierite”. 

Irradiation refers to exposure to radiation like x-rays or alpha particles. This is why overexposing your rose quartz pipe to sunlight is not recommended; too much exposure to the sun can cause your rose quartz pipe to lose its subtle pink hue.

Throughout history, Rose quartz has been associated with love, relationships, and cleansing negative energy. Tokens or amulets of rose quartz were given to signify the closing of a deal or to settle a dispute of some kind between two parties.   Rose quartz was also considered to be a token of good luck. 

According to Greco Roman mythology, the goddess, Aphrodite, was trying to save her beloved Adonis, but both ended up dying. Their blood was called “the blood of true love” and is said to be the reason rose quartz has its faint pink color. Another Roman myth states that rose quartz was given to men as a gift of love from the god, Cupid, and would help facilitate good human relationships.

Get a rose quartz hand pipe and share your favorite herbs with the one you love, or enjoy a session by yourself to nurture your heart chakra and invite good luck. Buy a rose quartz pipe as a gift and a "toke"n (sorry--I couldn't resist) of love for your partner, and it will carry the energy of unconditional love everytime you partake. 2,3



 YourGreenScene White Howlite Stone Pipe
Named in 1868 after it’s discoverer, Henry How, the mineral, howlite, was first reported as a nuisance by miners that were in search of other precious minerals and materials.

With a Mohs hardness score of only 3.5 out of 10 and a porous surface, howlite later became very useful in jewelry making and crafting shortly after its discovery.  When purchasing a howlite stone pipe keep in mind that it is not nearly as durable and resistant to scratching as traditional turquoise and one must handle with care.  Howlite is often referred to as “white turquoise” due to its signature gray veins and similarity to blue turquoise. As previously mentioned, howlite is porous; this allows the stone pipe to be dyed to mimic the looks of other stones if necessary. 

In the world of energy, howlite is known for promoting harmony in the home and in relationships. The YourGreenScene White Howlite Stone Pipe will nurture the best vibes and help you connect with everyone in your session circle.1,2



Lapis lazuli, commonly referred to as lapis, has a long and rich tradition in human history as a mineral of choice and status. 
YourGreenScene Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone Pipe

The origins of lapis are rooted in the mines of the Middle East in what is now modern-day Pakistan and Afghanistan; most of the lapis currently available still comes from this area of the world. The beautiful deep blue stone has been coveted by royalty as early as 10,000 B.C. Lapis has a Moh’s hardness score of 5 making it durable yet pliable.

Lapis stone had many uses in throughout history. The late Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra, adorned herself with the mineral using ground lapis stone to create blue eyeshadow. Lapis was also used to decorate the tomb of King Tutankhamen; the stone was believed to bridge the gap between the world of the living and the dead. Ancient Egyptians believed that lapis also had the power to connect the individual to his or her past lives. 2

Those seeking enlightenment, divine purpose, direction, and healing will find their vibe in the mystic blue lapis stone pipe. The brilliant blue lapis stone pipe is associated with the healing properties of the ocean and human introspection. The YourGreenScene Lapis Lazuli Quartz Stone Pipe is perfect for single smoke sessions, that are deep and contemplative. 

No matter what your stone pipe is made of, you’ll be sure to benefit from the carefully crafted design and the natural restorative energy of YourGreenScene’s collection of natural stone pipes. 2



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