Twisty Glass Blunts are the Coolest! Here’s Why…

One of the unique products we’ve offered as a company was the YourGreenScene V12 mini Twisty Glass Blunt and the YourGreenScene V12 Plus Large Twisty Blunt. Before golden twisty glass blunts, we’d never seen a product quite like it.

The earliest product descriptions for golden twisty glass blunts usually included a “grinding” feature, but this is remarkably deceptive and downright inaccurate, as twisty glass blunts are not grinders—although the corkscrew aesthetic would lead one to think otherwise.

The Glass Blunt has since been branded by many in an effort to increase exclusivity, and profit margins, but most if not all twisty glass blunts are basically the same. However, that doesn’t take anything away from the product’s amazing function, and design. Twisty Glass Blunts are the Coolest, and here’s why.


  1. Glass Blunts can store unused dry herbs.

 Both the large and small Glass Blunt can fit a lot of dry herbs in the storage tube, so most smokers do not finish all of their dry herbs in one session. The large and small YourGreenScene Twisty Glass Blunt comes complete with a cap in order to save unsmoked herbs for later.


  1. No Cigar Paper

The more we know about traditional blunts, the more there is to avoid about them. Avoiding the cigar paper from a traditional blunt is something that will decrease the amount of carcinogens in your dry herbs.


  1. Reusable

If you intend to replace rolling papers and blunts with the Twisty Glass Blunt you will, of course, save money in the long run. The Twisty Glass Blunt is completely cleanable and reusable. Just about every component of the Glass Blunt can be disassembled for cleaning. The YourGreenScene Golden Twisty Glass Blunt comes with cleaning tools to maintain your product.


  1. Corkscrew Debris Removing Feature

As previously mentioned, the corkscrew feature can be mistaken for a grinder within the device, but the golden corkscrew does not serve this purpose. The corkscrew, when activated, pushes the smoked herbs, ash, and debris out of the front of the glass tube, and simultaneously pushes the newer, unsmoked, herbs towards the forefront of the Glass Blunt in order to make the smoking process more effective.

When you use the corkscrew feature with the cap, the unused herbs are compacted towards the front of the Glass Blunt, and remain ready for the next use. The corkscrew does not grind the herbs. The Glass Blunt works best when herbs are already processed and ground.


We are happy to have the YourGreenScene V12 mini Twisty Glass Blunt and the YourGreenScene V12 Plus Large Twisty Blunt available for purchase. They are great items that our crew has “tested for quality” ;) and we “highly” recommend both products. Learn more about them here.

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