Trump's Racist Comments About Haiti, Nigeria are No Surprise To Us

Last Thursday, President Donald Trump, during a meeting with lawmakers over immigration, made racist comments about Haiti, Nigeria and African nations in general.

"Why are we having all these people from shit-hole countries come here" he said, suggesting afterwards that the US bring more immigrants from Norway. The President also singled out Haiti, saying that he wanted them excluded from any immigration deal. 

"Why do we need more Haitians?" Trump asked. "Take them out" he said.

Trump's remarks may be disgusting, vile, racist, offensive, and downright embarrassing, however one thing they are not: surprising.

Trump's life, one of privilege and wealth, has been marked time and time again by racism. From saying there were "good people on both sides" of the Charlottesville white supremacy rally, to saying that "laziness is a trait among Blacks," when describing African American employees of his casinos. 

Since the beginning of his campaign, Trump has incited race-related violence. He mocks those who are different from him, he did not shy away from the KKK endorsing him and not too mention his treatment of women. 

Trump led a hate-filled campaign against former president Barack Obama. He suggested that Obama was unfit for the job and unqualified to be president, accusing him of being born in another country and of being a Muslim.

In 1989 Trump took out ads in New York City newspapers urging the death penalty for the Central Park 5, five black and Hispanic teens accused of beating and raping a white woman in Central Park who were later exonerated because of DNA evidence. During the campaign he called for the police to be "unshackled from the constant chant of police brutality" saying that "Criminals must be told that their civil liberties end when an attack on our safety begins."

Donald Trump is not one to mince words. His lack of compassion and lack of morals leave him constantly in a volatile state, ready to erupt in a foul, offensive way. This is obviously not the type of personality that we want as president of the USA. 

So for Trump to say some off-the-wall, racist shit is no surprise. Unfortunately, the only question it leaves is, when, where and against whom will the next racist tirade be?

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