Divided We Stand

I've spent some time lately watching and listening to conservative TV stations, self proclaimed patriots and fox news. I'm baffled when I try to see a coming together, any compromise or a uniting feeling in this country.

Are we so different in our beliefs? We seem to be different in the facts. One is fact and one is lie. There is no different look at fact. 
Guns don't kill people...people with guns kill people is NOT a fact, it's an opinion, a thought. Guns today are vastly different from a musket. Fact. Number of rounds certain guns can fire, fact. The NRA gives politicians money, fact.  
I also watch c-span, especially the morning call in show. I still believe in my gut that this division is a result of having a black President - twice! All those hidden hoods came out of the closet and found a friend in the donald.
I smile when I think of the children who have come of age this year and will vote! That should be our focus for change. Register to vote, register others and vote in 2018!
Activism is a hard road to travel. Change happens slowly. It doesn't care about dead children. But you have to keep trying, get knocked down and get back up even stronger. The satisfaction of being around other activists is so empowering!
Wage Peace!
Elki 66
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