Intro to Dabbing

Humans have been using plant extracts for various things since around 100 a.d. Over the last decade dabbing, a form of ingesting the vapors from concentrated plant extracts has grown in popularity. From crudely inhaling vapors from a hot smudge of wax on a heated butter knife to using expensive, artisan glass water pipes known as dab rigs, concentrates have moved up in the world!


Due to the consistency of plant extract, it is usually found either in oil, wax, or budder form, it is difficult to contain and to heat. A traditional spoon pipe will not do the trick and a bong is no place for concentrates. Oil is much too thin, it needs an enclosed container and a more advanced heating system. Wax and Budder, which is the consistency of peanut butter also need a much higher temperature to heat up than regular, dried herbs.


The dab rig is similar to a bong because it is usually made from glass and it uses water to filter the smoke. They are often shaped the same too. The main difference between the two is that in place of a bowl slide, a dab rig is outfitted with a nail, the top of the nail being a small dish to hold and contain your concentrate, or dab. A small blowtorch, such as a creme brulee torch is necessary to properly heat your concentrates. A regular lighter does not heat it up enough.


The invention of the electronic nail has simplified dabbing. Rendering the blowtorch unnecessary, the e-nail is connected to an electronic temperature gauge which perfectly heats the nail and your concentrated plant extract to the perfect temperature, for maximum effect. As e-nails increase in popularity, you will most likely see a decline in blowtorch usage. To see the e-nail in action, view a short demonstration here.


2005 is said to be the year when dab rigs became widely commercially available. When concentrate products made their debut at the Cup in 2010, the process of making them was becoming more industrialized and the potency, as well as the variety of products really expanded.


Now- as we look towards the future of this budding industry, concentrated extract products are not just an afterthought. These products sometimes outnumber the varieties of flower in some retail locations. As the science and technology evolves, we are sure to see a unique assortment of flavors, styles, and types of products available for us! 


Stay woke. Stay informed. Stay blazed.




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