'donald' Don't Love the Military

Don't be fooled by the donald's declared love, affection and respect for the troops. He uses them like he uses everyone. He was able to spin Colin Kaepernick's "take a knee" protest into disrespect of the troops.
Recently he said the Democrats silence at his state of the union (comedy routine) was unpatriotic and treasonous. Later, comedian Sarah Huckabee Sanders came out and said of course the donald was joking! Now he is following in the footsteps of "lil kim j" and feels the need to show off his huge penis in the form of rockets, men and women marching, bands playing and flags waving. Ever hear "walk softly and carry a big stick"? Oh I get it, he doesn't have a big stick of his own!
Loving and understanding "the troops" has nothing to do with taking a knee, clapping, parades or inviting disabled vets to a speech. All it takes is waging peace instead of war. Taking care of veterans when they come home and working harder on diplomacy so we can stop making more veterans.
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